What’s stopping you from losing weight?

97% of people struggle to achieve their weight loss goals.

3% of people successfully achieve their weight loss goals.

Do you want to be part of the 3% group?

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Did you know our “diet culture” is making us gain weight?

Despite the keto, low-carb, paleo, or any of the dozens of other diets, including celebrity-endorsed diets, weight loss shakes, government-sponsored health campaigns, and weight loss pills, we are still gaining weight.

If you’ve unsuccessfully attempted to lose weight many times, please keep reading.


You can partake in all of the diets you want,
but if you are not aware of the “golden rules” for weight loss, you will find yourself frustrated and either switching diets or quitting.  

Most diets fail to acknowledge the “golden rules” of weight loss, and because of this, you find yourself in a constant yo-yo state of repeatedly losing weight and gaining it back!  

The result is an ever-repeating cycle.  

This ever-repeating cycle leaves many people with no choice but to give up on their quest to lose weight.


So, what are these golden rules I keep referring to?

Hi! My name is Leah N. Matles. I am a health and wellness enthusiast who loves researching and learning about all things related to health and wellness. After years of research, I’ve learned that burning fat and losing weight are simple yet complicated concepts

Over the past few years, I have:

– analyzed hundreds of research studies;

– crossed-referenced hundreds of articles;

– examined hundreds of publications from leading, highly-recognized physicians, dietitians, nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners, and health and wellness experts;

– read and watched many stories about people who have successfully lost and kept off weight; and,

– had conversations with people who have lost weight. 


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If you’ve struggled with your weight all or most of your life or for several years, I’m willing to bet people told or hinted to you it’s your fault why you cannot lose weight and keep it off.

I know I will raise some eyebrows or get eye rolls from those in the medical community for what I’m about to say, but I am going to say it. Based on the research conducted over the past few years, I have concluded that a lot of the weight loss struggles you face are not your fault!

My research taught me that many of the “rules” for successful and long-term weight loss are the same. They are in many publications all over the internet.  

The problem is that they are neither available nor explained in simple, organized, or concise ways. It is also safe to assume that you do not have the time to sift through and examine hours upon hours of research studies, medical publications, and articles, nor read and watch the many weight loss success stories to learn these “rules” for yourself.

That’s okay because I’ve done all the hard and boring work for you (…wait until you see the reference list)!

I’ve compiled the “rules” into a practical and concise e-book:


25 Golden Rules to Live by For Successful Weight Loss


These rules do not involve fad diets or weight loss pills.

You can buy all the weight loss supplements and fitness videos you want, but if you do not understand what leads to weight gain, you could be wasting a lot of time and money

This book is designed to supplement your current weight loss program with:

– over 275 pages;

– extensively-researched, in-depth, and easy-to-read chapters; and,

– twenty-five factors that contribute to weight gain and stop you from living by the golden rules. 

How does 25 Golden Rules to Live by For Successful Weight Loss breaks down the “rules”?

Each “rule” includes:

– the issue(s);

– the likelihood of that issue leading to weight gain;

– an explanation and rationale for why it is important for successful weight loss;

– potential signs and symptoms of that issue; and

– practical, easy-to-follow steps to remedy that issue.  

This format makes it simple to follow and pinpoint the factors important to you.  

The steps and solutions are backed by research and recommended by leading experts in their respective fields.  

Knowing these golden weight loss rules will separate you from those who continue to struggle with losing weight. 

This e-book is a downloadable PDF you can instantly access after purchase.  


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You struggle to lose weight for these hidden reasons:

-Fat and body shaming do not work. In fact, they actually lead to more weight gain rather than less. — Introduction (pages 14-15)

Not having enough of this could slow down your metabolism, increase hunger, and negatively affect your body’s ability to burn fat. — Chapter 1

-Women are more likely to be affected by these five conditions and gain weight as a result. — Chapters 10, 11, 21, 23, and 24 (section 4)

-These external environmental factors can secretly contribute to weight gain. And no, I’m not referring to fast-food restaurants. — Chapter 10

Your cravings for processed sugars and carbohydrates are not due to a lack of willpower. — Chapters 1, 13, 14, and Chapter 24, section 3  

This “superfood” is sorely lacking in the typical American diet. Experts encourage us to eat this superfood because it improves heart health, lowers cholesterol, and reduces belly fat. — Chapter 13 

-Millions of people who struggle with losing weight may suffer from this condition without realizing it! Doctors typically do not check for it. This condition could slow down or stop fat burning and increase the risk of many health problems. There are many reasons why it is considered a weight-loss deterrent.Chapter 14

This stands the test of time and consistently helps you burn fat, though you’re likely not getting enough of it. — Chapter 15


Over 18 million Americans are negatively impacted by this substance, and experts have linked it to anxiety, diarrhea, headaches, and of course, weight gain. — Chapter 6  

“Eat less and move more” creates metabolic changes that could lead to weight gain. — Chapter 16  

-Only 20 percent of women engage in this metabolism-boosting activity which reduces the appearance of cellulite. One woman lost and kept off over 120 pounds and dropped 14 dress sizes by engaging in this activity. — Chapter 17

You naturally lose this type of metabolism-boosting tissue as you get olderhowever, this one activity can reduce or prevent such loss. Many celebrities incorporate it into their exercise regimens. And guess what? You only need to do it for 15 minutes, twice a week to take advantage of its benefits.  — Chapter 17

One 54-year-old male celebrity credits Chapter 18 as his secret “fountain of youth” for helping him stay healthy and fit.

A well-known actress and singer, who turned 53 this year, swears by Chapter 20 to keep her healthy and fit. And no, it doesn’t involve fad dieting or expensive weight loss pills.

-Losing too much weight too fast could cause you to regain most of it because of this chemical. — Chapter 21  

Can’t stop eating? Feel hungry even after you just ate? It’s not your fault! Blame this chemical. – Chapter 21.  

This condition is often misdiagnosed or undiagnosed and is linked to infertility, depression, and weight gain. – Chapter 23.

This is one of the most overlooked reasons why low-carb diets fail. Chapter 24

-Extremely low levels of this hormone can make it harder for the body to burn fat, while similar levels of this hormone weaken its ability to fight off viral infections (e.g., cold, flu, etc.). Excess body fat is associated with deficient levels of this hormone. – Chapter 24, section 1

Fad and celebrity-endorsed diets and government-sponsored health campaigns fail to disclose this one crucial obstacle when addressing weight loss. It is one of the biggest (and most overlooked) contributors to our expanding waistlines. – Chapter 25


As we can see, many factors could stop us from living by the golden rules of successful weight loss! 

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Are you ready to: 

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-Understand what stops you from losing weight and keeping it off?

-Discover evidence-based solutions for the 25 golden rules for successful weight loss? 


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