FTC Compliance Disclaimer

FTC Compliance Disclaimer:

Any business/website that engages in affiliate marketing must state so on its website per the Federal Trade Commission guidelines to increase transparency.

In particular, they must give an affiliate disclosure notice on the page with affiliate links.

Affiliate disclosure notices inform you, the visitor, that the website provides links to third-party sites that may offer a commission should you purchase something from the link the website provides.

As of today, January 17, 2022, 25weightlosstips.com does not engage in affiliate marketing. However, we must state that some of the references used are links to third-party sites that may sell products or offer services.

We have no affiliate relationships with third-party sites that appear on our site. We just found their information helpful and used them as a point of reference. They may not even be aware their website is a reference source on our site.

Should we decide to engage in affiliate marketing in the future, we will comply with the FTC compliance disclaimer regulations and fully disclose our affiliate links/relationships.

The FTC Outlines Their Affiliate Disclosure Statements