What's stopping you from finally losing weight?

99 out of 100 people fail to achieve their weight loss goal. 

Do you want to be the 1 person out of 100 who actually loses weight and keeps it off? 

If you do, then keep reading ...


These following stats are not something my team and I made up… it isn’t even our own research.  

They are straight from the horse’s mouth:  

  • According to healthdata.org, an estimated 160 million Americans are either obese or overweight. Nearly three-quarters of American men and more than 60% of women are obese or overweight.  
  • Many overweight and obese people attempt to lose weight several times. 
  • You are trying atleast 4 types of fad diets a year. This means you will jump from one fad diet to another 4 times this year alone. 
  • Fad diets don't work for long-term success!
  • Despite the keto diet, low-calorie diet, paleo, gluten-free, the dozens of other diets, celebrity-endorsed diets, weightloss shakes, government sponsored health campaigns and weight loss pills ... the obesity rate continues to increase in the U.S. and worldwide.  
weight loss
lose weight

You can engage in all the diets you want to, but if certain factors are not being addressed, then you will find yourself frustrated and giving up on the diet or jumping to another one.  

Many diets fail to get to the root of the problem and because of this, you end up in a constant yo-yo state of succeeding, then failing, where this cycle just repeats itself.  

You exercise and eat right, but still struggle to lose weight.

Several variables (often overlooked) make it very difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off.  

Is there a system or “hack” that addresses these overlooked variables and could help you lose weight and keep it off?  

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about.

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Welcome to the 25WeightLossTips E-Book 

It’s a step-by-step resource that helps you weed out the reasons you are still not losing weight.  

Hi, my name is L. Nattie Mates, and I am a health and wellness enthusiast, and avid researcher. Throughout years of research for my new book, I’ve learned that losing weight is simple, yet complicated at the same time. 

There is more to your weight loss journey than just “calories in vs. calories out” or staying away from carbohydrates. 

Several factors lead to weight gain that you are not aware of and because of this, you struggle with losing weight.

weight loss

I wrote the e-Book 25 Reasons Why The Weight Still Isn't Coming Off...And What You Can Do About It to address these issues. 

You can buy all the weight loss supplements and fitness videos you want, but if you do not know what leads to weight gain in the first place, then you could be wasting time and money. This book will help supplement your current weight loss program.  

25 Reasons Why The Weight Still Isn't Coming Off… And What You Can Do About It 

  • over 350 pages; 
  • extensively researched, detailed, yet easy-to-read chapters; 
  • focuses on twenty-five overlooked reasons you are still not losing weight; 
  • takes a different approach to addressing weight loss by focusing on the factors that lead to weight gain. 

No matter your age, lifestyle, or current weight, this book was written to help you finally breakthrough your weight loss struggles. 

In this e-Book, you and I delve deep into the intricate world of weight fluctuation and learn sound advice on how to finally make a change. If you want to understand what it takes to lose your excess weight and keep it off, this book is for you.

This e-book is a downloadable PDF, and you will have instant access to it after purchase.  

You struggle with losing weight for these hidden reasons:

Not having enough of this could slow down your metabolism, increase hunger, and negatively affect your body's ability to burn fat. -- Chapter 1

Women are more likely to be affected by these five conditions and gain weight as a result of them. -- Chapters 10, 11, 22, 23, and chapter 24 (section 4).  

This "superfood" is sorely lacking in the typical American diet. This superfood has been shown to reduce bellyfat, lower cholesterol and improve heart health.-- Chapter 13

Your cravings for processed sugars and carbohydrates is not due to a lack of willpower. -Chapter 13, and Chapter 24 section 4

Millions of overweight Americans suffer from this syndrome and do not know it! This syndrome could prevent them from losing weight (and may put them at risk for other diseases). -- Chapter 14  

Over 70 percent of overweight women may have this “weight loss deterrent” condition and not even know it! -- Chapter 14  

Depriving your body of this one activity increases your mortality risk, slows down your metabolism, and increases your weight. -- Chapter 20  

Over 18 million Americans are negatively impacted by this substance, and it’s been linked to depression, anxiety, skin problems, and of course, weight gain. -- Chapter 6  

These external environmental factors (nope I'm not talking about fast food restaurants) can contribute to weight gain. -- Chapter 10 

"Eat less and move more" creates metabolic changes that could lead to weight gain. -- Chapter 16  

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez (J.Lo) swears by Chapter 15 to keep her healthy and fit. 

Only 20 percent of women engage in this metabolism-boosting activity. This activity reduces the appearance of cellulite. A woman lost over 100 pounds and kept it off by engaging in this activity. -- Chapter 17 

You naturally lose this type of metabolism-enhancing tissue as you get older; however, this one activity reduces or potentially prevents its loss. -- Chapter 17  

Fat shaming does not work and leads to more weight gain! - Introduction section

cellulite weight loss

As you can see some from this list, there are many factors that could play a role in your inability to lose weight.  

How are the chapters broken down in this book?

Each topic is broken down into categories:  

  • An explanation of the issue;
  • The causes of that issue;
  • Potential signs and symptoms;
  • How that issue likely leads to weight gain; and,
  • Steps to be taken to remedy that issue.  

This format makes it easy to follow along and helps you pinpoint the factors that pertain to you.

The steps and solutions in this book are backed by research and leading experts in their respective fields. 

As a bonus, you will recieve not one, but TWO journals for FREE  

Research studies show that people who use journals lose more weight and keep it off than those who don't.

Daily Food Journal (FREE!)  

Journal #1 - This 12-page, printable, 7-day food diary journal helps you to keep track of your meals.  

You can also track:  

• carbohydrates, fat, protein, and overall daily calorie intake • water intake • physical activity • stress and fatigue levels  

You can record as little or as much as you want! 

Health Planner and Goal Tracking Journal (FREE!)  

Journal #2 - This 45+ page, printable health planner and journal features a 16-month calendar.  

Some features of this health journal and planner include: • monthly calendars • health checkup list • weight loss tracker • body measurement tracker • self-care planner (can be used daily or weekly) • weekly meal planner • and much more! 

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Long-term weight loss success is a marathon, not a sprint. Get access to the tools & resources you need along the way. 

This E-Book Bundle Will Help You …  

✓ Shatter old myths and beliefs about weight loss!  

✓ Learn why your inability to lose weight is not your fault (despite everyone telling you that it is)!  

✓ Understand what it really takes to lose weight and keep it off.  

✓ Uncover evidence-based solutions for the 25 reasons you're still not losing weight.  

✓ Learn how “eating less and moving more” could backfire on you and what to do instead.  

Results will vary

Results will vary

Let go of the discouragement and feelings of failure because of what you did not know … until now. 

Release the doubt you may have about accomplishing your weight loss goals in 2019.  

✓ Feel more motivated to lose weight due to having more knowledge about what causes weight gain in the first place.  

Gain the confidence and courage to attempt to lose weight one more time and reconnect to your weight loss resolutions.  

Renew your faith in attempting to lose weight because of what you now know. 

Feel empowered after acquiring valuable insight into the complicated world of weight loss.  

A Word from The Author  

“The obesity rate continues to rise, not just here in the U.S., but around the world. People are giving up on losing weight, believing that it's just not attainable for them. I want to show my readers that they can still reach their weight loss resolutions by offering a different approach! When people have a better understanding of the factors that could lead to weight gain in the first place, they will feel more empowered to take action. If I can provide valuable information and offer solutions that inspire action and re-awaken my readers' inner drive to achieve their weight loss goals, then I have done my small part in helping to make someone else’s life better."  

- L. Nattie Mates 


Ready to experience your weight loss breakthrough? 

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Why put off taking your weight loss goals to the next level? Now is the best time to get back on track for 2019 and beyond!


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